Stone & Tile Flooring for Bonney Lake

Don’t limit yourself to only hardwood or carpet when you think of floor coverings for your home in Washington. Stone and tile are wonderful options that extend beyond being used in kitchens and bathrooms. Think of the floor in the common areas of your home as great places to use tile or stone as a flooring option. Beautiful herring-bone tile, or large slate pieces can highlight the floor and create a stunning statement piece in your home.

The vast selection that stone and tile come in means that the capabilities of what you can do with them are limitless. Whatever the design, be it simple shapes and colors, to complex arrangements, tile is guaranteed to make a statement. Let the flooring experts at Gary Johnson show you the options available when you chose tile for your floors.

Beautiful and Durable

Both stone and tile come in a large selection, larger than any other flooring option around. Pairing that with tile's durability and stain-resistant properties make it a perfect choice for those high-traffic areas of your home. With the weather here in Washington, a floor that is easy to clean and repels water naturally is dream come true. Trust our experts to work with you to ensure you have the best tile or stone for what you want. Gary Johnson Floor Covering has the experience to answer questions and deliver an expertly laid tile floor.

After a quality sealer has been applied and given the appropriate time to cure, caring for your stone or tile floor is simple. To keep it looking lovely, sweep your floor as needed and mop it weekly in the high foot-path areas. To avoid excessive wear or scratches on your stone or tile floors, place mats under any large pieces of furniture. to protect it.

Call the Flooring Experts

Enhance the beauty of your home by adding a tiled floor. Our tile contractors and installers with Gary Johnson Floor Covering can tackle any size of stone or tile flooring job you have. We will consult with you to make sure we know what you want, and will touch base with you along the way, keeping you in the loop. Contact Gary Johnson Floor Covering for Sumner, WA. Call 253-531-8403 for a free quote today.

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