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Here at Gary Johnson Floor Covering, we carry hundreds of different flooring options to choose from. From carpet to laminate, we guarantee you'll find the exact flooring you're looking for. If you only want high quality flooring professionals you can trust, we are the family owned and operated contractor for you.


Not only is carpet cozy and warm, it also traps harmful allergens and dander. With routine vacuuming and cleaning, your carpet will remain like new for many years. Installation is simple, and we have the tools to take care of measurements and old carpet disposal.

Laminate Flooring Options

Hardwood flooring can get costly, even though it can be beautiful. A less pricey choice is laminate flooring, and it can withstand a lot too! Not only is it simple to install, it comes in many different colors and styles. Let the experts handle it, and we'll take care of measuring the area, remove old flooring, and install the new laminate with ease.

Go with Tile

Tile is elegant and classic, which means you can also put it in any room in the house – not only the bathroom or kitchen. No matter what space it is in, tile's timeless look will stay in style for many years. As long as you perform the necessary care recommended, the material tile is created from is designed to last. Our flooring contractors are the professionals you can rely on to install your tile with precision and care.

Hardwood Benefits

Their warm and inviting nature is what makes hardwood floors appealing. With a great selection of natural variations, from color to grain pattern, you can come up with a unique, breathtaking floor. As long as you adhere to the suggested maintenance and cleaning techniques, your hardwood will remain protected. You can rely on the professional flooring contractors to install this gorgeous flooring, assuring your happiness.

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Don't pick between quality or price. Go with the best company for flooring decision. We focus on our customer satisfaction and just about 40 years of quality work in the Puget Sound area. Your Lakewood, Washington home should have statement flooring. Don't hesitate to get started with us as soon as possible.

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