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Here at Gary Johnson Floor Covering, there are hundreds of different flooring options. From carpet to laminate, we promise you'll find the exact flooring you're looking for. If you're looking for high quality flooring experts you can trust, we are the family owned and operated contractor for you.

Why should you choose carpet?

Not only is carpet soft and warm, it also traps harmful allergens and dander. Carpet is easy to maintain as long as you regularly vacuum and clean it. We will handle old carpet removal and measurements, so installation is stress-free.

Benefits of Laminate

Hardwood, although beautiful, has potential to get expensive very fast. Laminate is a smart alternative, especially for busy people. Not only is it easy to install, it is sold in many varying colors and styles. We'll remove bad flooring, measure the desired area, and place the new laminate quickly and easily.

Why choose tile?

Tile is viewed as elegant and classic, which translate to the ability to put it in any room in your home – not only the bathroom or kitchen. It will give a timeless look regardless of the place you decide to add it to. With regular cleaning, this material is made to last. Our flooring contractors are the experts you can count on to install your tile with precision and care.


The typical interest in hardwood flooring is the warm and inviting vibe. From color to grain style, you can design a truly unique floor with our wide array of natural differences. As long as you adhere to the recommended maintenance and cleaning procedures, your hardwood will remain in pristine condition. We guarantee you'll be satisfied when you let the pros put in this beautiful flooring.

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Don't pick between quality or price. Go with the most reliable company for flooring selection. Serving the greater Puget Sound area for nearly 40 years, we pride ourselves on our high quality work and customer satisfaction. Visit your local Graham, Washington Gary Johnson Floor Covering today to begin the process right away.

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